Monday, December 8, 2008

The New “Wizard of Oz Shoes” Style

The New “Wizard of Oz Shoes” Style

We've already seen different styles of shoes like High Chair The New Wizard of Oz Shoes StyleShoes – Furniture for Feet, Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice Heel and a Freaky Shoes with Tarantula. And now here is another great style of shoes that is good for girls who always wanted high heels.

If the New York Fashion Week paid tribute to the classic story, “The Wizard of Oz” by assembling a collection of red shoes, now Asia is recreating the red shoe collection at the Hong Kong shoe store: On Pedder. 17 international designers participated in “The Kansas Project” working with Warner Brothers, producers of the original film.

“Featuring designs by Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Sergio Rossi and Giuseppe Zanotti, the shoes are on display in an ongoing exhibition at the On Pedder flagship boutique in Central from 21 November – 7 December.There's even a replica of the original pair made famous by Judy Garland from the 1939 film. There’s also an ongoing silent auction which ends on 4 December, with proceeds going to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.”via

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Foot Lingerie at Minisock

It's another great and quality product of Minisock! Foot Lingerie at MinisockMinisocks, designed by Delphine Murat, resemble something you’d see worn on the bodies of Victoria’s Secret models, but they are truly pieces of lingerie for your feet.

Murat created six distinct, sexy Minisock styles with 41 colors from which to choose. The bottom portion is fashioned like a ballerina slipper and made from elastic to protect the feet.
After the feet are comfortably in place, all that’s left to do is tie them up and head out on the town—and perhaps fight off a few men with a foot fetish who’ll be drooling all over your tootsies.

According to, Minisocks are unexpected. To be worn just like a small open sock and tied like a bellerina shoe. Minisocks are comfortable. They come in many different colors, each one creating a unique look. Minisocks are refined. They will give you a chic parisian touch and will enhance your favorite pair of shoes.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Puma “Chinese New Year” First Round Sneakers

In honor of the Chinese New Year, which happens to Puma “Chinese New Year” First Round Sneakersbe on January 20th, Puma has released a pack of First Round sneakers dedicated to the “Spring Festival”.

Puma has decided to give consumers plenty of time to get their holiday kicks in advance of the holiday. The Puma “Chinese New Year” First Round sneakers come in two colors and feature the Chinese Zodiac on the tongue and Chinese characters on the side panel.

The shoes themselves are a combination of either dark brown or red leather and patent leather, with a corresponding Puma stripe that is either black or gold, respectively.via

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tarantula in Freaky Shoes

We've already seen lots of weird design shoes like the High Chair Tarantula in Freaky ShoesShoes – Furniture for Feet,
Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice Heel and The “Killer Heels” Shoes designed by Patricia Field.

Now here is another one weird, strange-looking and dangerous shoes that should definitely be included in that long list.

The bizarre, tall-heeled metal sandals look like an exquisite and excruciatingly painful torture device from the time of the inquisition.

The tall, see-through stripper shoes with the insects inside the humongous platforms are really a total riot!

What would be the next design to come up? Let's wait and see as the fashion designer continues to think what would be the next trend in fashion.via

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vaho Black Collection

A bag made out of recycled material is not something new. A Vaho Black Collectionnumber of companies have already jumped into the trend and released their own versions of “upcycled bags”.

However, almost all of these bags have been too colourful for consumers with classic taste.

An example of bag that is made of recycled material is the Spanish brand ‘Vaho Works’, which has launched a new collection with classic designs. The Vaho Black collection is a treat to recycling advocates who hate colours.

The “trashion” expert offers messenger bags, traveling bags and even wallets, that are made out of plain black recycled PVC fabric.via

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Emma Cook's Chimney Sweep Couture

Emma Cook's Chimney Sweep Couture

This selection of dresses from Emma Cook’s collection for Fall looks as if Emma Cook's Chimney Sweep Couturethe models have just emerged from a smoldering fire. Don’t get me wrong, I love the designs, but they are a little “chimney-sweep couture.”

Cook has many of the seasons trends covered; lace, leggings, sheer and tie-dyed fabrics. The minis are fun, layered and slightly goth. I particularly like the gold dress, with loads of beaded fringe and lace.

Perhaps with plain black leggings the dresses could stand their own ground; they are very flirty.via

Sunday, November 2, 2008

‘Find Me If You Can’ Underwear With GPS

Want to track your girlfriend or wife where she is? It's possible for now by using GPS. GPS underwear is a most random and very concerning product from Brazil. Aimed at techno-savvy woman it is created by lingerie maker Lucia Iorio and means every movement a woman makes can be tracked.

The GPS-equipped set, called Find Me If You Can, enables people Find Me If You Can Underwear With GPSto virtually track the wearer. It consists of lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar. The GPS device is on the bodice.
A woman needs to give a man her password in order for him to track her. The makers defend it by saying she can always just turn it off so she can only be found if she wants to be.

As expected, there has been much outrage among feminists who call it a modern chastity belt. It seems the credit crunch has had no impact on the sales of underwear for stalkers as they cost around $850.

Iorio admits to selling only a few so far, but is full of optimism for the future.
"Some women are now interested in buying it for protection," she said, adding that in a violence-prone country like Brazil her GPS lingerie should soon be selling briskly.via

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LA Fashion Week - Kevan Hall's Spring 2008

Kevan Hall's spring 2008 collection was very chic LA Fashion Week - Kevan Hall's Spring 2008and elegant. Consisting of beautiful African-inspired couture; long, flowing dresses in golds, coppers, browns, reds and multi-colors; and lots of zebra and leopard prints, there was something for everyone. His designs included a variety of wide bejeweled necklines, and his jewelry was divine--large, colorful cuffs and big, statement necklaces.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Victoria Beckham Launches dVb in Germany

Victoria Beckham Launches dVb in Germany

Victoria Beckham was stunning in black at the launch of her Victoria Beckham Launches dVb in GermanyFall/Winter 2008 dVb denim collection in Dusseldorf, Germany. She posed for these chic photos at Jades Boutique in her own dramatic designs.

Posh wore an all black suit comprised of a shirt, vest, skinny tie and bell-bottom jeans with ultra-wide cuffs which all but covered her shoes. However, it was Victoria Beckham’s jacket that caught my eye. With sharply flared double-layered sleeves, squared off shoulders, a V-front and short tails in the back, the jacket’s details create an almost vampiric look.

Victoria Beckham’s new pixie haircut really enhances the new edgy look she has revealed.via

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice Heel

Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice HeelAfter Balenciaga marked the fashion history with their "Lego" Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice Heelshoes it looks like all the labels are planning on following the path. Buzz around shoes may be the new thing so fashion guru Karl Lagarfeld decided to create his very own. 'Uncle Karl' was inspired by an image of a gun he saw somewhere and gave the image to Chanel's shoe designer Laurence Decade, who used plexi to make the "Miami Vice" shoe.

One of the famous people wear this shoes is Madonna. She is catching some heat for wearing Chanel’s gun heel shoes to the NYC screening of her film “Filth and Wisdom” in which the queen of pop (and controversy) made her directorial debut.

Mothers Against Murder And Aggression (MAMAA) which is a murder victim’s group labeled Madonna as “uncaring”.

“Lyn Costello, from MAMAA told Metro: "I am horrified that Madonna can see these shoes as fashion. "As a mother herself I would have thought that she would have paused for a second and thought about all the young people here and in her own country that have died because of gun crime. "It's uncaring. Surely she reads the news and realises that young people are dying every day.”

The shoes debuted on Thursday night at the Chanel resort presentation. They will be available in stores next month.via

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Balenciaga Spring 2009

Would you wear a dress that looked more like fish scales? Yes, Balenciaga Spring 2009this kind of dress is now the newest creation into the world of new technology.

Balenciaga brought C3PO leggings into style last season, and for Spring 2009, Nicolas Ghesquière is sticking with the theme with pieces like the galactic tunic. Paired with a longsleeved white shirt, he sent a model down the runway at Paris Fashion Week in a glitzy jumper that looked more like fish scales than a high end dress.

“The genius of Balenciaga is Ghesquière's projection of couture techniques into the world of new technology. A crude stab at describing it might be "sci-fi couture," but the truth is his mind-set renders stock fashion vocabulary redundant. Ghesquière works without references or narrative, pushing experimentation with fabric and cut to the nth degree. Cleverer still is the sense of a grounded core: the recognizable, desirable developments of pants (the evolution of his jodhpurs in mackintosh fabric; the sophisticated motocross shapes), and the precious, shiny, chic bags clutched in every hand.” via

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The “Killer Heels” Shoes

The Killer Heels ShoesThe Killer Heels ShoesWant to look sexy or you want to torture your heels? Would you wear a shoes like this? This shoes is called “killer heels”. The shoes was designed by Patricia Field, these ridiculously high heeled, S & M-themed black stilettos look super sexy on singing sensation Rihanna. At a price of $86.00, it’s safe to expect that a few highly impressionable and really crazy women went and got themselves a pair of these stiletto daggers.

We all know shoes carry sexual connotations in our culture and these Torture Pumps play right into that sexual fetishism. But I insist you’d have to be out of your mind to try to walk in these torture chambers.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plastic Fashions

Ooopppsss....don't dispose plastic as it could be a good Plastic Fashionsmaterials for fashion. Yes, plastic couture seems poised to storm the fashion world, according to some pundits.

But enough pontificating! We should just enjoy the sight of a plastic-clad chick or dude sauntering around with their underwear riding up to their necks.

“But alas, Spring '09 collections have sprung, and with them are above-the-knee clear plastic creations -- some tasteful, some dreadful...And while plastic won't be replacing black leather any time soon, it may eventually give it a run for it's money. (Seriously, wait until you see the black plastic garbage bag fashions. It will take your breath away, the same way getting kicked in the stomach takes your breath away!).”via

Other pictures.

Plastic Fashion BootsPlastic Fashion DressPlastic Fashion Sandal

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alexander McQueen's Butt Cleavage Fashion

Yes, butt crack revealing jeans is the new cleavage in fashion Alexander McQueen's Butt Cleavage Fashionsince the dawn of low rise jeans. Alexander McQueen is the designer of the butt crack. His designs stormed the catwalks and then spilled out to the sidewalks with the fury of a few hundred tornadoes.

According to Trend de la Creme, the posterior is the focal point once again with these revealing lines of intimate apparel from Agent Provocateur, Faire Frou Frou, Fun Lingerie and other intimate apparel stores. The butt crack has been the 21st century sexual fetish: It’s naughty and slightly tawdry, but with the soft, round charm of a perfect pair of breasts.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pamela Anderson To Design Sexy Lingerie Line

Pamela Anderson To Design Sexy Lingerie LineWant to feel like Pamela Anderson when you’ve stripped down to your undies? Good news. Pamela is all set to design a sexy new lingerie range.

“I am going to sit back and create a line of lingerie and body products, products that are really sexy and things that I love to wear and my friends love to wear,” Anderson told Contactmusic.

“I also want to do a show about creating those things,” she added.

The sexy 40-year-old didn’t reveal much more. Will she be starting a reality show like Project Runway? Pamela is keeping everyone guessing about the position of her marriage with Rick Salomon, after she was spotted showering him with kisses during a stroll in Los Angeles. via

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana Animal Print Fashion

Dolce & Gabbana Animal Print Fashion

Dolce & Gabbana Animal Print FashionAnimal prints. This is the theme of Dolce & Gabbana’s newest collection for summer 2008. Wear animal prints! Lots of animal printed clothes at Dolce & Gabbana. You can choose no matter what piece of your clothing is printed.

Some of their animal printed fashion products are handbag, shoes, dress, boyshort panties, eyeglass, chair. So hurry and get your desired animal printed products of Dolce & Gabbana.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Biondi Couture Bikinis - Made-to-Measure Swimsuits.

Want to have a bikini that fits for you? Or you want someone to Biondi Couture Bikinismake it for you. Then try to contact Biondi.

Biondi, a luxury beach and giftwear boutique that strives to be different. Choose your style, get the measurements, and even have it embroidered with your name.

Biondi Couture pride themselves on travelling around the world to discover new and exciting gear. So, what are you waitign for, try bespoke service. The bespoke service means it’s your very own beachwear, guaranteed to fit your body perfectly.

You can find Biondi either at the London King’s Road store in Chelsea or online.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men

Emporio Armani has launched their ad campaign for its new Emporio Armani Diamonds for Menperfume, Diamonds for Men, featuring Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. Diamonds was created in cooperation with L’Oreal for urban, young men.

The bottle of Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men was designed by Giorgio Armani himself in the shape of a square-cut diamond.

The perfume was created by Jacques Cavallier of Firmenich and arrived in market on August 2008. It contains gourmet-woody aromatic juicy, with an unusual gourmet reversal in the top notes. The perfume opens with sparkling, sweet aromas of bergamot, with Guaiac, vetiver, cedar, Szechuan pepper, cocoa and ambroxan.

Fashion photographer Mario Testino shot the printed ads for the campaign while David Slade directed the video commercial.via

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

JLo for Yamamay

JLo for Yamamay

It's normal that celebrity is the model of a product. Just JLo for Yamamaylike Jennifer Lopez, she already entered the clothing market with her own brand, but she has chosen to produce her new lingerie collection in co-branding with Yamamay, an Italian brand and franchising network owned by the lingerie producer Inticom SpA.

Yamamay will be producing and selling the JLo for Yamamay collection in exclusive license for the next three years. All the collections are available in all Yamamay stores since mid November.

The products are bras, panties and babydolls that are very sexy with the colors of red, black, silver and electric blue and is made of satin, chenille and metallic cloth, decorated with rhinestones and crystals. The product was designed to target sophisticated and exuberant women.via

Julia Roberts And Giorgio Armani For (Product) Red T-Shirt

Julia Roberts And Giorgio Armani For (Product) Red T-Shirt

Julia Roberts and Giorgio Armani for Red T-shirtOnce again Julia Roberts and Giorgio Armani joined forces and created (Product) Red in the fight against AIDS. This T-shirt is a little bit pricier than the Gap versions.

Following the launch in December of the Emporio Armani (Product) Red bracelet, which bore Roberts’ tree of life design, today the Emporio Armani online-store introduced matching men’s and women’s T-shirts featuring Roberts’ design in three colors: red, black and grey.

The T-shirts are made in Africa and 40 percent of the gross profit margin goes to The Global Fund for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria programs in Africa. The T-shirt is worth $125 each while the bracelet is $175 for women's version and $195 for man's version.via

Thursday, August 28, 2008

High Chair Shoes – Furniture for Feet

High Chair Shoes – Furniture for FeetAre you short and need to wear high heels to make you taller? Then, there's no problem anymore. Yes, no problem about that as you can see, there is now a new high heel shoes called “High Chair Shoes – Furniture for Feet”.

These heels feature three scaffolding-like bases to lift its wearer at least 6 inches off the ground. Once you wear this shoes, you will be a model-looking girl.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Glowing Heels - LED Alina Shoes

It's another great design shoes for ladies. It's a beautiful, unique, high quality product that attracts a large demographic of women.

While the top of these shoes have ordinary black sandal straps, the LED Alina Shoes have a clear Cinderella heel that glows in brilliant colours.

They come in different heel shapes, from wedges to stilettos, and each pair is capable of glowing in red, green or blue as each shoe has three LEDs. Best of all, they start as low as $30!

The lights are controlled by a patented five mode Light Emission Device (LED) system. Each shoe has 3 LED's red/green/blue which means that they are capable of making any color. The designs are fun and classy.

The entire sole is transparent and in contrast to some other lighted shoes. The LED's are so powerful they can even light up the floor near the shoes. The product runs for 12 hours on an easily obtainable AAA battery. We have a U.S. patent filed on this type of illumination system. A computer controls the LEDs in each shoe to give 5 basic modes of LED cycling plus "secret" modes and "holiday" modes that the user may figure out based on some hints.

The shoes are comfortable, stable, and practical. The heels are wide to not stick in cracks. They have a firm rubber grip on the bottom and the sole is padded for comfort. The uppers are high quality real leather in some shoes or intricate woven transparent synthetic in others.via

Friday, May 16, 2008

Christian Audigier And Don Ed Hardy

From the beginning, Christian Audigier was drawn to the rock and roll style of fashion. In fact, he wanted to be a famous rock star, but lacked the singing voice. Christian Audigier And Don Ed HardyChristian then moved into fashion, building the impressive portfolio you see today. Christian has left his indelible style on various brands over the past 20 years, but now brings you his latest creations: Ed Hardy clothing, Ed Hardy shoes, Ed Hardy belts, Ed Hardy eyewear, Ed Hardy Hats and Ed Hardy Kids’ shoes. Christian Audigier and legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy have combined their unconventional approaches and formed a vintage tattoo inspired shoe line to complement the well-instated clothing line.

Any comparable designer would rest on their laurels after having made such a distinct impression on the fashion world. However, Christian Audigier is not resting. His charismatic and colorful approach to fashion, fueled by Christian's ebullient promotional strategy, allowed him to elevate the tattoo art of Don Hardy and create Ed Hardy clothing, Ed Hardy shoes, Ed Hardy belts, Ed Hardy eyewear, Ed Hardy hats and Ed Hardy Kids’ shoes by Christian Audigier. Ed Hardy is one of the hottest new brands and worn by celebrities and by the world.

Ed Hardy now has stores all over the world and expanded the brand to not only offer shoes, but clothing, bags, eyewear, watches, belts, bracelets, scarves and hats as well. Known for rocking rhinestones, vivid colors, and awesome images, Ed Hardy has truly created a one of a kind look that is just getting started.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Olive Zipper Hobo of Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic Olive Zipper HoboRock & Republic means edgy, progressive design inspired by Rock & Roll and with an emphasis on modern silhouettes and a sleek fit. Each piece in the collection is designed for sexy, confident men and women who live the lifestyle and really understand the look.

Rock & Republic has clothing lines for men, women, and children. The brand also produces maternity wear. Although the Rock & Republic collection includes all types of clothing, the brand is best known for its denim. Women's shoes have recently been introduced to the collection with the majority of styles being stilettos and wedges.

But this time not only shoes and jeans but handbags as well. This Olive Zipper Hobo is made of super soft black leather with the R&R emblem on the front in gold. I like the gobs of zippers that they’ve put on the bag itself and the little key fobs that add a bit of pizazz to a plain black purse. The comfortable shoulder strap is perfect for all day shopping.via

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gucci And Prada Show: Together In Milan

Prada is a well-known Italian fashion company also known as a "label" or "house" with retail outlets worldwide and currently considered as one of the most influential clothing designers in the fashion industry. And Gucci is also an Italian iconic fashion and leather goods label. Gucci is considered one of the most famous, prestigious, and easily recognizable fashion brands in the world.

Gucci and Prada Show in MilanTwo different well-known brand of apparels and often been at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum - minimalist versus maximalist, or translated into the vernacular, plain versus showy.

This time around is no exception. For the fall-winter 2008-2009 Miuccia Prada wants her man more illusion than reality, while Frida Giannini for Gucci is all about in-the-face flash.

While Miuccia has no particular model in mind for her effete male figure, Frida says she "fell in love" with Eugene Hutz, the Ukrainian lead singer of the hip New York band, Gogol Bordello, and his flamboyant Gypsy style.

The Gucci collection is laden with details gleaned from Russian folklore — from richly embroidered silk shirts to oversized fur outerwear.via

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

True Religion Store Soon To Open In Center City Philadelphia

True ReligionTrue Religion Apparel, Inc. today announced the lease signing for its newest branded store in Philadelphia. Located at 1604 Walnut Street, the 1,600 square-foot branded store will offer shoppers the entire True Religion collection for men, women and kids, including its signature denim, expanding sportswear, and a full range of licensed product, such as footwear, swimwear, headwear and handbags. The store is expected to open in spring of 2008.

Located near the popular Rittenhouse Square in the heart of Philadelphia, the Center City district attracts more than five million tourists annually, houses a growing residential population, and offers a mix of national and local luxury businesses including Polo, Tiffany, MAC Cosmetics, Diesel, Puma, Coach, Cole Haan, Max Studio and Burberry.

"The district is an ideal environment for us to continue generating awareness for the True Religion brand, as well as positioning ourselves among the sophisticated and affluent customer base in the Philadelphia area," said Jeffrey Lubell, chairman and chief executive officer.

"More than 7,100 business establishments are located in the district and our store is positioned in one of the highest foot-trafficked regions in the area, " said Michael Buckley, president. "As an epicenter for the fashion conscious, we believe Center City bodes well for the financial prospects of our True Religion branded store."

Other True Religion Apparel, Inc, stores also located in United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and China.via

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paris Hilton Portrays As Donatella Versace

Paris Hilton portrays as Donatella VersaceHeiress Paris Hilton arrived late and left early, but she still managed to congratulate Versace on her award.

A hilarious video of Maya Rudolph, in character as the Donatella she portrays on Saturday Night Live, preceded more serious tributes to the real Donatella's brother (and joint recipient of the honor) Gianni by onetime Versace spokesmodel Demi Moore and Sir Elton John—who delivered an emotionally charged three-song performance. "I'm so touched that all of my friends came to remember Gianni," said a humbled Versace.via

Some of the Versace products are Jeans, Shoes, Wallets, Longsleeve, Bags and many more....

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Y-3 Ready-To-Wear Collection Fall-Winter 2007-2008

Y-3 CollectionYohji Yamamoto's Y-3 line started with those perpetually sold-out, incredibly cool sneakers. Yamamoto's collaboration with Adidas (the Y is for Yohji, the 3 for the triple stripe that trims the athletic brand’s classic shoes and tracksuits) is proving something that Venus and Serena Williams have been trying to tell us for years: tweaked properly, sports clothes can be fashion.

This season's collection was full of track pants that were tailored like trousers and black leather-and-wool baseball jackets, cut just slightly too large to be considered standard issue. The white-on-black Adidas stripes were twisted around pant legs and morphed into gold military-officer-style Vs on the sleeves of great toggle coats and slim black hoodies. Cargo pants, which we thought we'd seen the end of after the Spring collections, looked entirely fresh—cut full from silky parachute fabric and cinched at the ankle to form a soft balloon shape.

One of Y-3 collection is the Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto Beanie Winter Hat. This Y-3 hat is 100% acrylic.

Some other picture taken during the Y-3 ready-to-wear collection Fall-Winter 2007-2008.

Y-3 Collection

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Donatella Versace Launch The New Versace Product

Donatella VersaceFashion force Donatella Versace attended the launch of the new Versace by Donatella Versace fragrance at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. The designer told the Associate Press that she set out to create a classic perfume that could be worn on casual or black-tie occasions. The floral-scent contains elements of wisteria and cedar.via

About Donatella Versace:

Donatella Versace is an affluent Italian fashion designer, like her famous brother, Gianni Versace, the founder of the Versace clothing empire. Her current title is Vice-President of the Versace Group and Chief Designer of the fashion line. Donatella is accredited as the first designer to use notable celebrities to broadcast her clothing into the world on the catwalk and other public mediums such as advertisements, instead of using unknown models.

Other Versace Jeans Couture Products:

Versace Jeans Couture Medusa Fashion Longsleeve in Black
Mens Versace Gold Buckle Leather Shoes in Black
Mens Versace Sundial Pocket Jeans in Charcoal
Mens Versace Mens Leather Medusa Wallet

Monday, January 7, 2008

David And Victoria Beckham In Rock & Republic Jeans

David and Victoria Beckham in Rock & Republic JeansDavid and Victoria Beckham take their 4-year-old son Romeo on a shopping in Beverly Hills, Calif. The trio also hit up the exclusive Maxfield boutique.

Romeo wore a cute Paul Frank t-shirt, adidas sneakers and an LA Galaxy cap. Victoria wore a bright purple bra and a Rock & Republic tank top with “Show me the money” written across the lower back. David hit upscale home store Geary’s.

David Beckham is almost as much of a fan of denim. In fact, He wore a pair of faded Rock & Republic jeans.via

Speaking of Rock & Republic Jeans Product, you can also find a new released jeans designed for men. One of them is Mens Rock & Republic Box Jeans In Silver Blue. It's 100% denim cotton, silver blue in color and low rise relax leg fit.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Chocolate & Champagne Of Versace

Versace's Chocolate and ChampagneWe all know that Versace is a cutting-edge fashion designer of luxury goods, fragrances, accessories and lifestyle for men and women, and even for home collections. But don't forget this Versace's "Chocolate & Champagne".

"Chocolate & Champagne" of Versace is an invitation-only event where a master chocolatier creates one-of-a-kind Versace chocolates emblazoned with the Italian fashion house's Medusa head and Greek key symbols reports Fashion Week Daily.

The events will take place exclusively in select Versace flagship stores throughout the United States, Europe, and in China and Hong Kong, allowing guests to sample the new chocolate with three different bouquets of champagne, each specifically selected to enhance the exquisite chocolate taste.via

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rock & Republic Leather Puffer Jacket

Rock & Republic Leather Puffer JacketRock & Republic has new line of leather for men and they call it Leather Puffer Jacket.

Here are the complete description of the product.

- 100% quilted leather; lining is 100% nylon
- Stud detailing throughout
- Banded collar with two silver metal snap closures
- Long sleeves with ribbed knit cuffs
- Exposed front zip closure
- Slanted zipped side pockets
- Ribbed knit waistband
- Fully lined
-Interior leather-trimmed pocket with button closure

The price is $680 plus shipping.via

This jacket is best pair with a Mens Rock & Republic Skull Pocket Denim Jeans.

Rock & Republic Skull Pocket Denim JeansThe description of this jeans:

+Embroidered Skull on back pockets
+ Great Casual Fit
+ Premium Quality Denim
+ SR1-6855

Regular Price : $230.00
POST XMAS Price : $ 128.00
Discount only for a limited time
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