Tuesday, May 8, 2012

High-Fashion Luxury Rainwear - The SWIMS Armani 2012

The SWIMS Armani 2012 Collaboration Galoshes will leave even the most resistant rain boot-sporting man with very few excuses as to why he is not donning a pair of water-repellant kicks.

A front-runner in the arena of anti-aqua shoes, the Norwegian-based company SWIMS took its design aesthetic up a notch with this luxury line-up of rain-braving footwear. The all-black boot features its signature smoking slipper bottom with an added air of sophistication that can come only from the Armani touch.

The shoe is poised to be released as part of Armani’s Autumn 2012 line and is likely to replace those clunky, rubber Hunter boots (that don’t quite scream “sophistication”) in the fashionable male’s wet weather wardrobe.

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