Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Foot Lingerie at Minisock

It's another great and quality product of Minisock! Foot Lingerie at MinisockMinisocks, designed by Delphine Murat, resemble something you’d see worn on the bodies of Victoria’s Secret models, but they are truly pieces of lingerie for your feet.

Murat created six distinct, sexy Minisock styles with 41 colors from which to choose. The bottom portion is fashioned like a ballerina slipper and made from elastic to protect the feet.
After the feet are comfortably in place, all that’s left to do is tie them up and head out on the town—and perhaps fight off a few men with a foot fetish who’ll be drooling all over your tootsies.

According to, Minisocks are unexpected. To be worn just like a small open sock and tied like a bellerina shoe. Minisocks are comfortable. They come in many different colors, each one creating a unique look. Minisocks are refined. They will give you a chic parisian touch and will enhance your favorite pair of shoes.

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