Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Designer Lamp – The New Versace Home Collection

Versace Designer LampVersace is a cutting-edge fashion designer of luxury goods, fragrances, accessories and lifestyle for men and women.Now, Versace has their new home collections.

Versace Lamps extends the brand of one of the finest design houses in the world. These ceramic and metal lamps exhibit the exquisite luxury of the Versace Home Collection.

Versace, most famous for high-end couture and ready-to-wear fashion, is top of mind for any person who knows excellence in design and enjoys surrounding themselves in fine things. Versace designs clothing, shoes, wallets, jewelry, perfumes, home furnishings and other fantastic lifestyle enhancements.via


Strut Your Style on Runway said...

so versace has also a taste for interior designing huh = )

Gucci bags said...

Versace design is truly amazing. They are not only known in the fashion industry but in the Home Collection industry. This is the Versace collection that is in trends and the way to live.

Clifford said...

Another product from Versace.. Nice, they doing some Home products aside from clothings/apparels....

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