Friday, December 21, 2007

Versace And Tag Aircraft Interiors

Versace and Tag Aircraft InteriorsPrivate jets will soon be able to have Versace interior styling added in what will surely be the ultimate flying fashion statement. In a joint venture with TAG Aircraft Interiors Versace are set to produce unique cabin designs for the rich and famous.

Each design will be a complete one off, and your custom interior will be signed and numbered by Versace. The leather seating is inspired by the Versace home couture collection, and is designed to offer the utmost in luxury and comfort. Apparently, clients can also participate creatively with the Versace’s designer’s team to conceive the personalised interior spaces built to their own specifications.via

Versace is really making their product and services to be widely subscribed. They are well-known brand of apparel, jewellery, watches, fragrances, cosmetics and home furnishing.Just like this beautiful design of Mens Versace Half-Face Pocket Jeans in Bright Grey. It is 100% Denim Cotton.Mens Versace Jeans

Another great product design of Versace is the Mens Versace Gold Buckle Leather Shoes in Black. It is Casual Leather Comfort and one of the Versace F/W Collection.Mens Versace Shoes

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