Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Balenciaga Spring 2009

Would you wear a dress that looked more like fish scales? Yes, Balenciaga Spring 2009this kind of dress is now the newest creation into the world of new technology.

Balenciaga brought C3PO leggings into style last season, and for Spring 2009, Nicolas Ghesquière is sticking with the theme with pieces like the galactic tunic. Paired with a longsleeved white shirt, he sent a model down the runway at Paris Fashion Week in a glitzy jumper that looked more like fish scales than a high end dress.

“The genius of Balenciaga is Ghesquière's projection of couture techniques into the world of new technology. A crude stab at describing it might be "sci-fi couture," but the truth is his mind-set renders stock fashion vocabulary redundant. Ghesquière works without references or narrative, pushing experimentation with fabric and cut to the nth degree. Cleverer still is the sense of a grounded core: the recognizable, desirable developments of pants (the evolution of his jodhpurs in mackintosh fabric; the sophisticated motocross shapes), and the precious, shiny, chic bags clutched in every hand.” via

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