Thursday, September 25, 2008

Plastic Fashions

Ooopppsss....don't dispose plastic as it could be a good Plastic Fashionsmaterials for fashion. Yes, plastic couture seems poised to storm the fashion world, according to some pundits.

But enough pontificating! We should just enjoy the sight of a plastic-clad chick or dude sauntering around with their underwear riding up to their necks.

“But alas, Spring '09 collections have sprung, and with them are above-the-knee clear plastic creations -- some tasteful, some dreadful...And while plastic won't be replacing black leather any time soon, it may eventually give it a run for it's money. (Seriously, wait until you see the black plastic garbage bag fashions. It will take your breath away, the same way getting kicked in the stomach takes your breath away!).”via

Other pictures.

Plastic Fashion BootsPlastic Fashion DressPlastic Fashion Sandal

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