Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Glowing Heels - LED Alina Shoes

It's another great design shoes for ladies. It's a beautiful, unique, high quality product that attracts a large demographic of women.

While the top of these shoes have ordinary black sandal straps, the LED Alina Shoes have a clear Cinderella heel that glows in brilliant colours.

They come in different heel shapes, from wedges to stilettos, and each pair is capable of glowing in red, green or blue as each shoe has three LEDs. Best of all, they start as low as $30!

The lights are controlled by a patented five mode Light Emission Device (LED) system. Each shoe has 3 LED's red/green/blue which means that they are capable of making any color. The designs are fun and classy.

The entire sole is transparent and in contrast to some other lighted shoes. The LED's are so powerful they can even light up the floor near the shoes. The product runs for 12 hours on an easily obtainable AAA battery. We have a U.S. patent filed on this type of illumination system. A computer controls the LEDs in each shoe to give 5 basic modes of LED cycling plus "secret" modes and "holiday" modes that the user may figure out based on some hints.

The shoes are comfortable, stable, and practical. The heels are wide to not stick in cracks. They have a firm rubber grip on the bottom and the sole is padded for comfort. The uppers are high quality real leather in some shoes or intricate woven transparent synthetic in others.via


nancy said...

Wow........What a great design LED design for the heels with different colors really looks very classy but will this transparency of light stays for long time.Only sandals with heels only are in exists or else even for flat sole also we will get since i prefer for the flat due to the height but totally simply superb collection extensive marvelous and amazing.
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Billigflüge Sydney said...

The shoes are great! I think they are made for all the beutiful girls who own a LED-pimped computer and go to lan-parties!

saifulla said...


This article is looking too good.I am not looking this type of heels led Alina shoes.My favorite colour is black now this black heels led alina shoes i want to buy this one.

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